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Requires no prior experience.
Contains video tutorials.
Completely automatic.
Can be used by everyone.
Can help you profit from different ways.
There is none so far

Have you ever wanted to climb higher than the big companies and be the star of Google? If you have, then my PBN Builder Review is something you can’t miss!



For a long time, private blog networks – also known as PBN’s – has been popular among search engine marketers. This is their strategy to rank on the first page of Google. Using PBNs can easily earn you a large amount of free traffic, leads, sales and a lot more from Google. This is something everyone working online wants. But the truth is, building and managing a private blog network is a pain in the neck. It’s extremely complicated. Unless you are a professional in technical field, there is no chance for you with PBN. That was it in the past. But now, with PBN Builder, things have taken a better turn. With this Software, building a PBN will be as easy as ABC. Check out my PBN Builder Review to know how!

PBN Builder Review – Overview

Author: Joshua Zamora
Product: PNB Builder
Launch Date: August 24th 2017
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47-$67
Sales Page: CLick Here
Niche: General
Bonus Yes, Check Now

What is PBN Builder?

PBN Builder - PBN Builder Review

PBN Builder is a brand new web-app that makes leverage the power of PBN syndication as easy as eating cake. Now, you can easily be on top of Google search like all the big companies throughout the world. Say goodbye to all the complicated process of building PBNS, because with this awesome app, there is none!

PBN Builder has been designed to simplify the process of building and managing PBNs. No matter who you are, regardless of your experience, you will be able to use it. Unlike other PBN building softwares that demand high knowledge of technology, you don’t have to be a professional to use PBN Builder.

Also, you don’t need to worry about losing all the time you have when using PBN Builder. The process of this is completely automatic! You just need to set it up and let it do all the work. This way, you can get several free traffics, leads and sales from Google without breaking a sweat.

About The Author – JOSHUA  ZAMORA

PBN Builder Author Joshua Zamora 1 - PBN Builder Review

Joshua Zamora’s an awesome product creator and his stuff converts like crazy. Good marketing, good product development, great support and most importanly happy- customer generation. That pretty much sums up Joshua’s MO. Definitely check this guy out.

Features and Benefit

100% cloud-based

PBN Builder is 100% cloud-based, which means you can access it through any computer throughout the world.

Completely automatic

Once you have set up PBN Builder, it will work for you 24/7. Everything within the app is on auto pilot. At every moment, you can dominate Google for all the niche you’d like.

Lightning speed

Unlike other time-consuming process of creating a PBN site, with this app, it will only take you 2 minutes.

Personal and client use

With PBN Builder, you can have both personal and client use. With means you can earn massive profit from both.

Manage any size PBN

No matter who you are, experience or not, you can use PBN builder to manage the biggest or smallest PBNs.

Easily group your PBNs

Since different PBNs can serve different purposes, to make it simple for you, PBN Builder has a powerful grouping and management system. Now, you can easily manage multiple PBNs.

Also, you can create PBN groups for specific clients or campaign so that you can easily deploy links.

Mass PBN syndication

If you like, the app can syndicate to all you PBN groups in just one click.

Complete WYSIWYG PBN Content Editor

PBN Builder was designed with the easiest content editor. You can set up all the content you’d like syndicate to your PBN. You’ll be able to post one piece of content to multiple PBN sites or an entire group.

Powerful Built-In CRM

It’s really difficult to keep track of all your clients, so PBN Builder has simplified the work for you. Now you can add your client’s contact information to each of their campaigns for easy management.

Powerful Website Info CRM

You won’t have to use an Excel sheet to manage your and your client’s websites login with this app. PBN Builder will add all the important logins to your sites. Everything will be fully encrypted too.

Detailed PBN Syndication Stats

You will always know what is going on with your PBN sites because there is a full reports page that can show you what your PBN sites have been doing.

Pros and cons


  • Requires no prior experience.
  • Contains video tutorials.
  • Completely automatic.
  • Can be used by everyone.
  • Can help you profit from different ways.


  • There is none so far

PBN Builder How does it work?

The author has simplified the whole process so that there are only 3 simple steps left.

Step 1: You need to connect your PBN sites with your money sites.

PBN Builder Step1 - PBN Builder Review

Step 2: You need to load up your content. Also, you need to tell PBN Builder which money sites you want to rank on page 1 of Google.

PBN Builder Step2 - PBN Builder Review

Step 3: This is the final step. You need to make your posting schedule or let PBN Builder syndicate your links immediately. Then your work is done! The automatic system of PBN Builder will take care of the rest. Now you just need to sit there and watch your sites climb onto the first page of Google.

PBN Builder Step3 - PBN Builder Review

Now let’s check it out PBN Builder  Demo Video below in order to know how to use it yourself since there is too much it can do to be explained in my PBN Builder Review.

Personal Experience

I’m an online marketer. As you can see, I need to get my products well-known to everyone. Back there, it wasn’t easy, since there were lots of other marketers compete with me as well. So I decided to make a PBN site, which is the most effective strategy to get your content on Google’s first page.

But building and managing a PBN is so complicated. Tons of work needed to be done, while I didn’t have much experience in this aspect and also didn’t have much time to learn. It was also an expensive process. I didn’t have enough money or patience to continue, so I drop the idea.

That was it, until I came across PBN Builder. Now, with this wonderful app, everything is much easier. I now can get lots of free traffic from Google, while my products are always on the first page! Also, since its automatic system has done everything, I have a lot free time. Using PBN Builder was truly my greatest decision. I wanted everybody to know about this app, so I decided to write this PBN Builder Review.

Price and Evaluation

Have you seen how awesome PBN Builder is? Want to purchase it yet? If you do, the front-end price is $47-$67. For something that can be so much useful for your career, I don’t think this is expensive at all. Also, the price might increase a lot in the future, so I suggest you getting this as fast as possible. Secure your slot HERE.


Building a PBN site and compete with other big companies won’t be a dream anymore if you know exactly which app to choose. With PBN Builder, you will no longer have to face all those complicated process of making PBN sites. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab one now! Also, thank a lot for reading my PBN Builder Review!
4 - PBN Builder Review
Bonus vendor 01 - PBN Builder Review

PBN Builder Review – My Bonus:

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pbn builder review bonus - PBN Builder Review


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